Motivation for writing the software
by Colin Charlton

Building these programs was my contribution to help maintain social cohesion over this unprecedented period that Covid-19 has presented us with. The QUIZ PLAYER and GAME CHEST have helped me to maintain wider family and friend contacts.

It was also a novel way of fundraising for the charity I support, HEAL UK.
Donations to it can be made by clicking HERE.

Charities are going through a difficult times. It is also recognised that many ordinary people are being placed in difficult financial circumstances; therefore, I made all CHALLENGES  free to use. Donations are respectfully requested only from those who can afford to make them; hence, there is no obligation to give. Yet you can make a contribution by promoting it via your social media.

Please enjoy the programs and stay safe. I hope my CHALLENGES will create opportunities for people to stay in contact with families and friends over these difficult period.

Meet the Team


The Boss

Believe or not, the brains behind these challenges is not a 10 year-old boy! It is Colin, a proud grandfather, who dedicates his retirement time to good causes like HEAL.

Arun & Rita

Mice catcher

Arun and Rita are retired GPs. They are actively involved in testing the HEAL challenges.


The Wife

This software is dedicated by Colin to his lovely, supportive, and beautiful wife Margaret, without whose support and patience it would never come into fruition.  

Lakshmi & Vasu


Lakshmiand Vasu are former student of HEAL who are currently studying Computer Science at College.They assist with the testing.



Bharath, a former IT employee of HEAL, who now volunteers and gives IT support in the evenings.


Chair of HEAL UK

Mandy is a a health care professional. She leads HEAL's Cycle India event and provided the idea for the virtual Cycle India. Mandy has tested the games.



UK based, Frida is retired and her interests include Bridge. She has spent many hours testing the games.


The Writer, Dreamer

By day, Laura is an IT consultant working for corporate environments. Yet by night, she indulge herself in writing stories and designing websites for children.

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Charity number: 1013340

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